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PGi’s award-winning solutions help nearly 50,000 businesses grow faster and operate more efficiently everyday. Watch the testimonials video below to hear what our customers really say about us.

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“It’s easier, it’s faster, it’s less complex, it’s more user friendly. It’s there all the time.”Michael Bethke, Project Manager, SAP
“It’s as good as being in the same physical room”Jeffrey Seigel, VP Strategy and Business Development, Plantronics
“PGi has been phenomenal. One thing I’ve found compelling is the level of support you get.  At any given moment, if you have a problem, you’re one button away from getting some help.”John Trainor, CIO, Aarons, Inc.
“iMeet® has been indispensable for our company.”Mike Solow, CEO, TabletClaw
“GlobalMeet® has drastically cut down on business travel and also facilitated productivity.”William Geyer, VP of Sales & Marketing, Verbble
“The Customer Success Team has been instrumental in helping me produce smooth, uninterrupted, high quality webcasts for my global employee base. Without them, I would not be successful.”Michelle Foster, Corporate Communications Manager

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