Why Choose iMeetLive?

PGi Webcasting Solution

iMeetLive® can be used for any kind of large online event, webinar or webcast. Some of the most common use cases for our webcasting solution:

  • Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Corporate Communications
  • HR Onboarding
  • Training

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Training Software

Marketing and Lead Generation

Create high impact marketing events that will drive leads to your sales force. iMeetLive can be used for launching products, building thought leadership and much more.

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Corporate Communications Webcasting

Corporate Communications

Live webcasting lets you turn your average town hall meeting into an interactive event that will engage and motivate your webcast participants.

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HR Onboarding Webcasting

HR Onboarding

For large companies onboarding new employees can be difficult. iMeetLive lets people in different offices all over the world go through the same onboarding sessions without any travel.

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Online Training Webcast

Online Training

Make training programs more engaging without the burden of travel costs. iMeetLive is the perfect webcasting solution to interact with your audience through polling, surveys and more.

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Webcasting Reporting Solution

Comprehensive Reporting to Measure Success

Robust pre-event and post-event reporting gives you detailed insights about your event to better measure the success.

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