Modality Systems a PGi Company

Modality Systems

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About Modality Systems

PGi is proud to welcome Modality Systems, a leading universal communications provider and the world’s largest dedicated Microsoft® Lync® software and services firm. Since its founding in 2007, Modality has focused on helping organizations improve collaboration, productivity and business processes by successfully designing and developing custom UC solutions, including a suite of proprietary Microsoft Lync software applications and Lync add-ons.

Modality Systems is home to 45 Lync certified professionals, including six Lync Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and three certified Lync Masters. They have established a strong track record of enhancing the Lync software environment and realizing business communications solutions goals through unified collaboration.

Modality’s undisputed leadership in the universal communications space accelerates PGi’s goal of delivering the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of purpose-built collaboration software and services. Together with Modality, PGi supports enterprises with a single trusted partner through every stage of the universal communications process, including design, implementation, user adoption, support and development. PGi with Modality aims to boost end-user success, drive productivity and maximize the return on Lync investments for each of their enterprise clients.